The Unhealable Wound – A Play – Luke Erickson / Taylor Stollbert / Hong Yeol In
Prologue // The following drawings represent the odyssey of “The Unhealable Wound.” This narrative follows a series of scenographic archetypes founded on Carl Jung’s psychology. Through eight acts, The Unhealable Wound manifests itself upon the stage of the primitive form, a physical and psychological rift that can never be resealed. This loss of innocence can not be undone. Representative of global pollution, the timeline reflects a path towards oblivion and man’s intervention establishes an alternate series of events. Each scene depicts a stage upon which the material actors perform. These performances seek to communicate their identity with the viewing audience in the vein of l’architecture parlante. The stage is set.

Light // The play begins with light, symbolizing hope through rejuvenation.

Supernatural Intervention // Man intervenes with Nature inciting confusion and ruin.

Whirlpool // Natures own destructive power rises to meet the world of Man.

Maze // Man embarks on a path for illumination, only to be confronted by the monster within.

Crossroads // A time for decisive action has arrived. Man chooses destruction.

Threshold // Man passes through his elected gateway, unaware of what awaits.

Underworld // Facing his own death, Man witnesses his diabolical creation.

Hell // The twisted, mutilated world engulfs man.

Cornell University - AAP
Master of Architecture Program
Postdigital Formalisms
Fall 2014
Elective Professor: Sasa Zivkovic
Final Portion Partners: Taylor Stollbert, Hong Yeol In

Sasa Zivkovic

Moriyama House
Tokyo, Japan
built: 2005

Cornell University - AAP
Master of Architecture Program
Small Theory of the Project
Fall 2014
Elective Professor: Ramon Bosch, Bet Capdeferro
Teaching Assistant: Agustin Cepeda


This is a scale model of the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel in Switzerland by Peter Zumthor. The model will be featured in the book "Model Perspectives on Structures and Architecture" authored/edited by Mark R Cruvellier, Bjørn N Sandaker and Luben Dimcheff and to be published by Routledge in April or May 2016
Cornell University - AAP
Master of Architecture Program
Fall 2013
Structures Professor: Mark Cruvellier
Partner: Apexa Patel


A series of drawings representing the Austrian Cultural Forum designed by Raimund Abraham

Elective Professor: Luben Dimcheff
Cornell University - AAP NYC
Master of Architecture Program
Spring 2014
"Drawing from the City"

Dimcheff Smith