Project Partners: Luke Erickson & Apexa Patel (all drawings completed in tandem)
The House of Disquiet
[There is only one character, the reader]

The reader must consider the notion that every point of view is the apex of an inverted pyramid, whose base is indeterminate and whose mobility must be relied upon even if by default it leads you astray from what is generally understood to be the origin.

The origin itself embodies a convenient lie that makes apparent the many ways in which lying is simply the soul’s ideal language. There exists within this structure, the syntax of tedium, providing the rules for contouring any given plane.

The result of following instruction is both a fractured topography and excessive edifice that may be navigated on the agreement that the edge is indefinite, which is to say there are multiple surveys.

i. The environment is the soul of things.
ii. Each thing has its own expression and this expression comes from outside it.
iii. Each thing is the intersection of three lines, and these three lines form the thing:
iv. a certain quantity of material, the way in which we interpret it
v. and the environment in which it is.

*Italics indicate direct quote from Fernando Pessoa's Book of Disquiet, as translated by Richard Zenith